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Meet Caley

Caley's autism didn't stop him from finding a job.

Employment Ontario Services helped Caley find work with Woolworths and he is now a popular member of staff in the fresh produce department.

Meet Chanay

Chanay was 16 when she discovered the hearing bones inside her ears were being eaten away by a disease.

Like anyone, the loss of hearing and medical procedures that followed took their toll on the teenager.

Then Chanay came to Employment Ontario.

Meet Dale

Dale was finding it difficult to secure employment because of his autism. 

Employment Ontario Services helped Dale take part in work trials and get to know local employers as part of the Disability Employment Services program.

Meet Emma

At 26 Emma had suffered from depression, anxiety and kidney failure.

By matching Emma with the right job, getting out of bed every morning now means something.

Emma surprised herself with what she could achieve and at the end of the day she feels she has done something productive.

Meet Heidi

Heidi talks about finding new friends and a supportive workplace through help from Employment Ontario employment Services.

Meet Jarryd

Jarryd talks about finding a job with Shred-X after overcoming challenges of autism through Disability Employment Services with Employment Ontario.

Meet Jeff

When a devastating back injury left him unable to work, Jeff soon lost his home, his relationship with his partner and found himself struggling with depression.

Although Jeff recovered from the accident challenges kept getting in the way of his return to work. 

That’s when he was introduced to Employment Ontario employment Services.

Meet Joseph

Joseph talks about how he overcame challenges including Tourette's to find a job he enjoys and where he is a well-liked member of the team.

Meet Julie

Julie discusses the challenges she faced and how Employment Ontario helped find confidence and motivation to keep searching for a job that worked for her.

Meet Kelsey

Kelsey shares how a job as part of the team in Gusman Y Gomez in Perth helped her make positive changes and overcome anxiety and depression, following support from Employment Ontario.

Meet Lesley

Lesley struggled to find a job after having nerve reconstruction surgery in her arm.

With the help of Employment Ontario she was able to meet local employers and find the job she wanted.

Meet Mitchell

Mitchell explains how he was able to manage multiple challenges to find a rewarding job through Employment Ontario's program.

Meet Patrick

Previously a business owner in the mining industry, Patrick, 43, said he had never had to search for work until after he became a quadriplegic and lost all function in his body from his neck down.

Determined to keep working, Patrick was supported by our Employment Services to get a specially modified workstation and voice-activated software to allow him to join the workforce.

Meet Sharon

Sharon shares her story of overcoming a physical injury to find a rewarding job with Delron Cleaning through Employment Ontario and the Disability Employment Services program.